The Team

Meet our staff!


*2015 Team* 

Mike and Esther (Owners)

Michael has owned Licking Creek Bend Farm since 1972.  It had a short life as a "diaspora Kibbutz," but after the "city-slickers" returned to the big city, he had grown to love his land and turned seriously to farming.  It was only 2 years later that he participated in his first farmers' market in Washington, D.C.  Thirty-eight years later, he is still doing what he loves while also staying socially active.  His mission is to provide delicious and nutritious food at an affordable price.  Esther manages the CSA, works at several markets and takes care of the administrative related tasks while giving Michael all the loving support and advice he needs to keep this beautiful and sustainable operation flowing smoothly.


Charmaine (Farm Manager)

 Charmaine spent sixteen years in the non-profit association arena within the Washington DC beltway before becoming a farmer in 2006. Women in farming is a growing demographic she is excited to see flourish. Her role in addition to planting, weeding, pruning, hiring/supervising and being the general house mom to various staff and interns, is to manage production/distribution of CSA's using all the yummy veggies grown on the farm plus fruits from Boyer Nurseries. She even squeezes out time to take a weekly bellydance class for fun. When in the city she hits the ballrooms and clubs for salsa, swing, waltz, etc. She devours anything she can find about health and nutrition. She is learning to play the drums, and she likes to laugh as often as possible. 


Justin (6th Season)

Create Harmony through Happiness at Home.  










Tova (she rests in peace under her favorite Apple Tree)

When she isn't busy sunbathing, Tova can be found rolling around in mud, munching on grass or swimming in the creek.  Never knowing a stick she didn't want to spend hours with, Tova is our resident guard dog and slacker.  Although, she is all bark and no bite, her ferocious roars help keep our fields clear of vermin, or so she'd like us to think.  As farm ambassador her most important duty is being first to greet guests and friends alike.  She is also the most senior staff member at Licking Creek Bend Farm.


FARM VISIT DAY, SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2019 11:00AM - 4:30PM



What People Are Saying

"Thank you, Esther.  We love the CSA.  It challenges the way we think about our food and our creativity in cooking meals.  We appreciate all your work and the work of everyone on the farm."

- Kati