Former Co-Workers

Chris (Potato Potentate) (2007-2011)

Chris is a man of few words.



Julia (Fennel Faerie) (2011)

Julia is a bohemian flower child from the faraway land of San Francisco. She ventured across the country in 2006 to attend Vassar College, where she studied art and urban studies. After finishing school she meandered her way to Washington, DC to participate in AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps and work for CASA de Maryland. She has been surrounding herself with lovely produce at the Columbia Heights farmer's market for the past year, and now joins the crew at the farm for future adventures. Julia likes: cooking, rock climbing, working at farmers markets. Julia dislikes: rotten tomatoes, spiders, and sitting still.

Diana (2009-2011)

Ian (2010)

Ian came to us in September and stayed until November.  He, like Ben (below), hailed from Utah.  Among the many tasks he assisted us with were harvesting of a multitude of vegetables, manning our farmers markets, cleaning up our fields and transplanting.  When not working, Ian could oftentimes be found solving a sudoku puzzle, jamming out on his accordian with Ben, or, if we were lucky, performing for us. It was a pleasure having Ian as a member of our staff, albeit his stay was far too brief.  

Ben (2010)

My name is Benjamin Asa Hatch and I am 24.  I recently came to Licking Creek Bend Farm from Utah to live closer to my daughter, Jasmine, and to learn all I can about growing vegetables in a sustainable and natural way and found just what I was looking for. The farm is beautiful and full of wonderful people, so I feel I couldn't have made a better choice.  The experience of not only growing vegetables naturally but selling them at market has been an amazing journey so far.

Allison (2010)

My name is Allison Rich, and I am currently a student at Goucher College.  I've always loved eating (who doesn't), but I didn't always love real food.  But when several years ago I unwittingly picked up Michael Pollan's work The Omnivore's Dilemma, all of that started to change.  Food became my gateway into realities of all that mankind is doing to degrade our environment, and soon enough I found myself itching to live away from McDonaldized America and experience the process by which my food makes the journey from farm to fork. Goucher College's food service provider-Bon Appetit-led me to Licking Creek Bend Farm for what became a 5-week internship.  I came here with no idea what I would find, and now I find myself dreading departure.  The people here are passionate about not just good organic food, but about good stewardship of this earth that we share.  Over the course of my stay these people became friends above all, coworkers second.  I'm saying goodbye for now, but I know I'll be back to Licking Creek Bend.

Chris (2010)

Chris stayed with us for about two weeks in April.  He helped us pull plastic from the lower field, harvest our over-wintered lettuce, mulch our spinach, build a barrier around our spring onions, transplant hundreds of onions into bigger pots and so much more.  We were very happy that he came, we had plenty of fun, and we greatly appreciated all of his hard work.





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