Here at Licking Creek Bend Farm, we offer three types of employment, which are detailed below. Applicants don't need farm work experience but should be in good physical shape.  If you've got back problems, severe allergies or asthma, or have accidents easily, this is not the right job for you.  There's no expectation that people need to be able to lift 100 lb. sacks, but being in good physical condition and having a flexible back makes things easier.  All farm workers are expected to "get the job done" which means that during harvest and other crucial times, the work day could be longer.  It is not a "9 to 5" kind of job.  But there are plenty of opportunities for down time, relaxing and fun.  Free WIFI. If you are interested in employment or volunteering, please contact us at: esiegel2@igc.org.


*Full Season and Partial Season*

    For those who can stay one month or longer, we offer paying positions.  You will be expected to work 8 hours a day and sometimes more.  Our work week is Monday through Saturday.  Pay starts at $500 a month and increases by $100 each month you stay, up to $1000 your first season and $1400 your second.  We offer several housing options at Licking Creek Bend Farm.  You can either stay in a bedroom in the main house, or in a cabin without electricity.  Camping is also an option, for those interested.  The main house is available to all for kitchen and bathroom/shower use. We take people on for as little as one month, but we encourage those who really want the farming experience to stay for an entire season which runs from April to November.  


  These generally run for two weeks and are unpaid positions.  An intern's work day is 8 hours and we will house and feed them.  Internships are geared towards those who would like to experience what farming is like, but cannot commit to a long-term stay.


We also accept volunteers who would like to come out and work for a day or two or more and help out on the farm!  We have plenty of property to camp out on. You'll have a great time!



*Useful Skills*

1.    Have a driver's license.  (Any accidents?)  Can you drive a stick shift?
2.    Owning a car.  Allows you to take off on Sunday or week night
3.    Previous work outside or on a farm (but not essential)
4.    Carpentry, plumbing and electrical knowledge (helpful but not essential)                                                                                                     5.    Understand the work needs to get done and farming is not a boxed 9-5 job.                                                                                                             6.    Interest in community activism - we're helping the community with CAFO and agribusiness threats.  

*Problem Areas*

1.    Night person.  Difficulty in getting up in the morning (everyone’s up and going and you’re still sleeping!)
2.    Sloppiness - leaving messes, not washing dishes, etc.
3.    Sexism and inability to relate to strong, capable women in a non-sexual way
4.    Dangling romances and unresolved relationships that keep you wondering if you really want to be working on the farm.  (Am I running away?)
5.    No Smoking.  Alcohol and drug abuse is not tolerated
6.    Intolerance - dietary, philosophical, religious, or political beliefs that interfere with your ability to work well with others and accept people who are different from you
.  The team strives to respect each other.

FARM VISIT DAY, SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2019 11:00AM - 4:30PM