Additional Information

Below are links to several other websites associated with the farm.

Boyer Nurseries We partner with Boyer Nursery to bring high quality, fresh fruits to market.  For more information on the varieties of fruit they grow, please check out their website.

Certified Naturally Grown We are a Certified Naturally Grown farm.  For more information on what that means, please check Certified naturally Grown's website.

Takoma Voice Mike wrote a monthly column for the Takoma Voice for several years, you can bring up articles he wrote by typing his name into the search box.  Also, there are several articles written by Andrew Mefferd, a former farm worker, detailing his experience here at Licking Creek Bend Farm.  Again, you can search for those articles by typing his name into the search box.

FARM VISIT DAY, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2021 11:00AM - 4:30PM (tentatively scheduled for this season)

 In the hope we will be able to have gatherings this coming season, we've moved our Farm visit to the fall - Sunday, September, 19, 2021.